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Peter Braden


I’m actively seeking interesting opportunities in Zürich, Switzerland, or full-time remote.

I’m driven by problems, not solutions, so I prefer using the right tools for the job, however I’m currently enjoying writing Rust.

Please contact me if you have an interesting technical dilemma, you need an empathetic advocate for your users, or even if you just need a capable pair of hands to help grow your business.


Experienced software engineer and problem solver with product and management experience and a proven track record of autonomy and leadership.

Excellent communicator, both written and in person, with public speaking experience.

Quick learner, that can bring a diverse skill-set and deep experience into a new problem domain quickly. Adaptable and pragmatic; a true generalist.



Staff Software Engineer. 2020 — 2021

Architecting and orchestrating the development of a decentralized privacy protocol using blockchain to incentive mixnode participation.

  • Smart contract development with Solidity
  • P2P protocol development with LibP2P


Product Manager. 2019 — 2020

Establishing product / market fit for a new offering.

  • Research into user need with in-depth interviews.
  • Coordination of design and development agencies to quickly iterate on prototypes.
  • Ideation and iteration from ground level to testable prototypes.

Manager, Frontend Engineering. 2018 — 2019

Managing and leading engineering on the data visualisation applications of mobility data - the company’s core product.

  • Coordinating the efforts of the frontend team.
  • Guiding strategic direction of frontend in the context of company needs.

Move Digital

Head of Web on Move Wealth division. 2016 — 2018

Leading development of the front-end of a wealth management platform.

  • Leading an effort to upgrade a legacy codebase to a new React based system.
  • Interfacing with our design agency and project requirements to develop an intuitive interface.
  • Managing internal discussion on pragmatic uses of new technology.


Founder 2013 — 2016

Founder of FrozenRidge, a full-stack web consultancy that specialized in solving hard problems for businesses. FrozenRidge offered training, expertise in Node.js, Databases, and Continuous Integration.

  • Performed Node.js training for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Orchestrated technical partnerships to promote growth
  • Ensured all contracts were completed on-time & on-budget with accurate project estimates for consulting work


Senior Front-End Developer 2011 — 2012

As a senior member of the Front-End team, I led the team that created the Chat feature and was instrumental in building a responsive user experience, helping grow Yammer to a successful $1.2B sale to Microsoft.

  • Led several cross-functional teams to design and implement product features
  • Helped architect in-house Front-End framework, used across the Web-App
  • Led the automation of the Front-End tests, allowing CI to be added to the team processes
  • Wrangled DOM intensive UI onto legacy browsers

Centralway AG

Tech Lead 2014 — 2015

Leading a team of developers in the development of internal services and external websites.

  • Accurately planned and estimated large internal projects.
  • Implemented large internal web applications, using react.js and flux architecture.
  • Used tools such as gulp and rework to implement a best-practises toolchain, and deliver responsive mobile-first web applications.


Senior Front-End Lead 2015 — 2016

Working with a variety of firms in a consulting capacity to lead the implementation of corporate web sites and web applications.


Full-Stack Web Developer 2008 — 2010

Implemented product features on several extremely well-trafficked Facebook games (millions of DAU). Worked on the in-house Python Web framework.

  • Worked with intense load, writing scalable and performant code
  • Implemented in-house game-event library
  • Tracked metrics across games for analytics team

Institut Laue Langevin

Software Internship 2007

Created spectrometer simulation software for the neutron research nuclear reactor.

Open Source & Projects

  • Created the widely used (~4k github stars) node-opencv bindings, allowing complex computer vision algorithms to be available in node.js
  • Genetic Lisa — Fast genetic image evolution in rust
  • — Real-time heat-map generation and visualisation of Strava activities
  • Creator of over 25 npm modules and collaborator on many more
  • Wrote ical.js to parse icalendar files from js
  • Presented at developer conferences including NodePDX and Open Source Bridge.


University of St. Andrews

BSc. (Hons) Computer Science 2004 — 2008

  • Awarded Class Medal 2006 — 2007
  • Wrote dissertation on Detecting Malicious Behaviour in Social Networks

Programming Languages

  • Javascript
  • Rust
  • Python
  • C
  • Java
  • C++
  • Pantheon of front-end web libraries / frameworks including React, etc.

Location / Internationalization

  • Dual US / UK Citizenship.
  • Native English, working German (A2+), rudimentary French and Spanish.
  • Currently located in Zürich, Switzerland. (C permit holder)

Links & Contact

Links & Contact