Marseille → Geneva → Chamonix → Interlaken


(12—13 June)


(13—16 June)

I love Geneva — it is such a chilled out city, spread around the end of the lake with views of the sun setting on Mont Blanc. I spent a few days here, relaxing and getting into the travel mindset, visiting a few museums, CERN and eating by the side of the lake.

Eventually worked up the energy to leave, hitchiked to Cluses and took a train up to Chamonix


(16—18 June)

Stayed at the same hostel that I'd visited before at Les Pelerins. Met a guy that was climbing Mont Blanc the next day. Next morning I bought new shoes, as my old ones were giving me blisters, then climbed Brevent, across the vally from Mont Blanc. Snuck onto the telepherique for the way down. Contemplated staying another night, but the Alps are expensive, so the next day I took a train via Visp to Interlaken.


(18—21 June)