Ah the internet, home of a million ways to waste time. Here are a few links that I have enjoyed enough to bookmark recently.

Money as Debt

As the recession hits it is interesting to take a look at our financial system and it's failings. This video presents an interesting and particularly scathing attack on the fractional reserve banking that our society is built upon. I have many disagreements with our system of currency, and this video does a great job of explaining and crystallising the ideas behind some of my dissatisfaction.

On Coordinate Systems (and further posts)

I've always been a bit of a map geek. There's nothing more satisfying than poring over the contours of a place you've never been. I've done a little bit of map-related programming in my time – making Visited Countries for example – but I never really had a grip on what all the acronyms meant and how datums related to projections. This series of blog posts does an excellent job of introducing GIS and explaining why giving a location on the earth is not a simple as just specifying a latitude and longitude.

Quantum Responsibility

A short story that explores the connection between reality, simulation and thought. A nice little introduction to the philosophy of existence.

Caminito Del Rey

On the wishlist of places to travel, a crazy looking path in Spain.